Dean Gonzalez

Authentic Relating Coach & Facilitator

After years of dedication to Zen practice, I was ordained as a Zen priest and became highly skilled in meditation. My passion for Integral Theory and personality typologies resulted in both Integral Coaching & Enneagram Coaching certifications, and my desire for deeper human connection led to certification in Authentic Relating and Circling. I believe we only truly get to know ourselves by deeply relating to others. I would love to help you grow and improve, and would be honored to offer my presence and expertise to you. Check out my services below and start by booking an introductory session.

Discovery Call Session

Free, 30 mins

This is a 30-45 minute Discovery session to discuss 1:1 coaching. I’ll ask questions to help us both clarify your goals. You’ll have an opportunity to ask me anything you’d like. A Discovery Call is right for you if: • You desire more structure, collaboration, and clarity. • You're ready to bring your full self to the coaching experience. • You make the time to apply what you learn about yourself in between sessions. • You want to partner with someone who will challenge you. • You are willing to look directly into the fear, resistance, and other obstacles. If you haven't already, please fill out the questionair below:

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